Lisbon to Setubal by Bus

Setubal is a historic fishing port that makes for a great base to explore the Serra da Arrabida national park, the Troia Peninsular and the southern side of the Setubal Peninsular. Lisbon is the main gateway to central Portugal, with the country’s largest international airport and the hub for all intercity trains and buses. Setubal and Lisbon are connected by excellent public transport, which includes express buses and a direct railway. This guide will detail how to travel from Lisbon to Setubal by bus.

harbour of Setubal

The harbour of Setubal

Lisbon to Setubal by bus overview

Setubal is approximately 50 km south of Lisbon and is located on the southern side of the Setubal Peninsular. Travelling to Setubal by bus has the advantage over train travel due to the frequency of services. Typically there are a minimum of two bus services an hour during the day with many more at rush hour compared to hourly train services.

The frequency of bus services makes it possible to visit Setubal as a long day trip from Lisbon but generally visitors spend one to two nights in the region. The Lisbon Setubal bus journey takes between 45 to 60 minutes depending on the service and route. A single bus ticket costs either 4.30 or 4.80 again depending on the speed of the service.


All services are safe but use common sense with valuables, such as never place expensive items in the lower bus storage. The buses are clean and well maintained and provide air-conditioning. The Setubal Lisbon route is a popular commuter route with workers travelling into Lisbon in the morning and leaving at night, try to avoid these times especially on Friday night.

Tourist Information for the Setubal Bus

The Lisbon to Setubal bus services are operated by Transportes Sul do Tejo (TST) whose website is The website is useful as it provides the latest timetables, as there are many seasonal variations, but tickets cannot be purchased online.

TST bus

The bus service is operated by TST

There are three services that leave Lisbon in a southerly direction via the Ponte de Abril suspension bridge and one service that heads east from Lisbon across the Vasco Gama Bridge. The Ponte de Abril bus services depart from the Praça de Espanha bus station while the Vasco Gama route departs from Gare do Oriente. Generally the services that depart from Praça de Espanha are the preferred choice due to the frequency of bus departures. The Lisbon to Setubal bus services that depart from Praça de Espanha are the 561 express, the less frequent 754 and the slower 755. Praça de Espanha is not a typical bus station, more a large coach park with many bus stops. The area is served by the blue metro line and the Praça de Espanha metro station.

Gare do Oriente is a conventional bus station on the edge of ultra modern Parque das Nações. The bus station is connected to the red metro line and is only four stops from the airport, which makes the service convenient for visitors who are travelling direct to Setubal from the airport.

Oriente bus station

The ultra-modern Oriente bus station

Gare do Oriente station is a major train, bus and metro station and it is very easy to navigate especially when travelling with children, heavy bags or require assistance. The only down side is that there are less services per hour to Setubal. The express bus service from Gare do Oriente to Setubal is service number 562, which changes to 563 for the late night departures. Before using these hourly services check the TST website for exact departure times.


The bus station in Setubal is in the very centre of the city on the Avenida 5th Outubro. For return joineries all services are equally convenient. Setubal is a large regional bus station, which sells tickets for many other onward routes.

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